Club K4: Kindergarten-4th - COVID-19 Update

During this time, we will be uploading videos to our new YouTube channel. Go check it out, share it with your kids and subscribe! We also have a Facebook group and send emails. If you aren't connected, email us so we can add you

Our Mission

The Naz Kidz Club’s mission is to teach children to GROW in their faith, to live a life that will SHOW their faith, and to GO share their faith throughout their lifetime.

Sunday School Schedule for Club K4 

  • 10:10 11:30am – At 10:10am we start our Sunday morning of with a high energy, music filled worship experience. Our dedicated teachers will await for them by their grade to dive into a biblical lesson, Bible reading, memory verses, and lots of hands-on fun activities to help each child learn their lessons of spiritual growth.

Champions Club

Champions Club is a classroom designed for K-6th grade kids to meet special developmental needs during the 10:30-11:30am service time. It’s a room created to provide a calm structured environment to help build CHAMPIONS.
                                    CHAMPION kids will experience GROWTH
1. Spiritually – our Bible based curriculum helps kids retain Gods Word in their heart.
2. Socially – by practicing and developing skills to maintain friendships.
3. Emotionally – by identifying and managing their feelings.

Visual supports for learning and hands on sensory stations are used to further enhance the Champions Club experience.


Six & Switch - K - 4th Grade

Kids, join us on Wednesdays at 6:00pm for a new style of church! Every six weeks we kick off different groups for you to participate in. Group topics include things like cooking, building, fitness and craft groups! You choose your group, have some fun for six weeks, and then start a new one. Each group receives a specific biblical message that goes with their activity for the evening. Parents, get your kids excited about coming to church and join us on Wednesdays!