Meet the Soto family!

The Soto Family

Eli and Tammy currently serve in Panama as the Work and Witness coordinators. Their ministry is serving the local churches by providing resources and support to many people in need through the Nazarene churches in Panama. We at The Naz have worked closely with the Soto family to accomplish the work God would have us do there. We have had mission teams in Panama working at Espave and Playa Chiquita Child Development Centers. We also, have established a children’s food fund that is coordinated through the Food Bank and overseen by the Soto’s.

Mission of the Partnership

Brighton Nazarene has formed a partnership with the Panama Central District Church of the Nazarene. God is already working in big ways in Panama. We are praying and giving to help enable the Panamanian church to further the kingdom. The mission of the partnership is to develop relationships with the Panamanian Nazarenes that will last. It is our expectation that the partnership is reciprocal – we have much to learn from them. We want to know them as friends, know their needs, and be a resource to them as they are to us.

Activities/Commitments of the Partnership

The church in Panama is raising up many to spread the Gospel in their nation, and our hope is to assist them to meet the needs of the people in their neighborhoods; to share, experience and bring back ideas on how to better minister to our community.

Financial Giving

Brighton Nazarene will be supporting the Panamanian church through prayer and finances. We are giving construction resources, food for child development centers, purchasing items to aid in preparing child development centers for use with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, and clergy training. We need your help and support to make these efforts happen. To give financially to this global outreach and support our fellow Nazarenes in Panama, click here.

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